Friday, June 13, 2014

Family fun at Burnside Farms: Summer of Sunflowers

Whether you love to keep, view, or photograph fresh flowers, or are simply looking for a day with the family, Burnside Farms is a nice outing. Located in Haymarket  (about an hour outside the District taking I-66), the farm offers a number of seasonal events.

Like much of Northern Virginia, it is a fast-growing area with lots of development and/or construction going on, but step into Burnside Farms during its peak flower seasons and you'd never know it. Last year I'd attended the farm's tulip festival in April, and to say it was gorgeous would be an understatement. 

Here are some photos I'd taken:
Close up image of tulips in bloom
Closeup of tulips at last year's festival
Picking tulips
Many families came out to pick and/or photograph the flowers and there were also a few fun things for the kids to do

Unfortunately, between the weather and other obligations this year, I didn't get out that way in the spring, so missed this year's tulip festival. However, I just recently found out about Burnside's Summer of Sunflowers, which the farm says is currently on schedule for an early July opening.

"We have a few fun surprises in store for the Summer of Sunflowers and of course the barnyard will be open for you to spend some time with our furry and feathered residents," according to Burnside's Facebook page.

They said they planted 25 varieties of sunflowers, with over 100,000 plants. As a big fan of sunflowers and local farms in general (and this one says they are chemical free, which is also something I seek out), I am looking forward to this event.

Additionally, last year I bought some honey, good stuff.  
Tulips and jars of honey

Looks like admission prices are the same or close to last year, it looks like they added a dollar for a season pass for unlimited return entries to the festival as opposed to the single.

  • $3 for a single day Sun Pass
  • $4 for unlimited re-entry Sun Pass (kids under 2 years are free)
  •  Sunflowers are $1.50 per stem.
Burnside Farms is located at 4905 James Madison Hwy in Haymarket. Parking was easy. 

Update July 30, 2014: I did get to visit and posted some pictures recently, we had a great time! 

Update 2015: This year Burnside Farms moved both its tulip and sunflower festivals to Logmill Road, a few miles beyond the old location. Not clear if this is a permanent change for all events. Before heading out for any event, I suggest you check the farm's Facebook page (linked above) before leaving.

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