Sunday, June 22, 2014

In photos: The US Library of Congress

Tucked behind the U.S. Capitol Building, I'd seen the exterior of the Library of Congress a number of times. However, I had not ventured inside until recent years after taking a tour of the Capitol which I'd posted about last week. Our guide had recommended taking the tunnel over to the LOC after our Capitol tour and we are glad we did. 

Exterior of the Library of Congress
Library of Congress

Did not have enough time to spend inside as I would have liked, however, was glad to have gotten the opportunity to see the amazing interior. Anyone who appreciates art and/or architecture is likely to love this one. I personally got swept up in trying to photograph the various angles of the Great Hall of the Thomas Jefferson building (it is important to note that not all areas of the LOC allow photographs though). There was so much to look at, I hadn't even realized there were two other buildings.

Interior of the Library of Congress
Looking down from the second floor of the Thomas Jefferson Building

Mural located inside Library of Congress

This wall mural leads the way to an upper room where visitors can view the Library of Congress' reading room (no photos allowed inside).

Detail of the floor inside the Library of Congress

Standing on the main floor looking up
Ceiling of Thomas Jefferson Building Library of Congress
The ceilings in the Thomas Jefferson Building are beautifully designed and very detailed

Second floor Thomas Jefferson Building Library of Congress
I got swept up in the art and architecture of the LOC

It is definitely on my "to do" list to come back to explore more of the LOC. On my next visit I plan to check out additional sections/buildings or take one of the individual tours. 

(Update Nov. 2015: I did get to explore more of the LOC this fall and will be doing more posts about it.)

Taking a tour of the LOC after a Capitol Building Tour is easy as you are directed straight to the walkway, but if you want to visit the Library of Congress without a Capitol tour, more information can be found here.

The Library of Congress is located at 101 Independence Ave SE.


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