Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hotel Strasburg: A wonderful stay in Virginia's upper Shenandoah Valley

Yesterday I'd posted about my experience exploring the historic Strasburg in the upper section of Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, so thought today I'd post about our accommodations, the Hotel Strasburg.

The Hotel Strasburg is located about 90 minutes east of Washington, D.C. It is housed in a historic building and is a nice place to stay for travelers either passing through town or looking for a weekend getaway.

During our trip to Strasburg, not being familiar with the area at all, I turned to the web to find a place to stay for the night, and that's how I stumbled upon the Hotel Strasburg. After doing some research and reading a few reviews, decided this hotel would be perfect for our stay.

Hotel Strasburg
Hotel Strasburg
Nestled in the upper section of Virginia's pretty Shenandoah Valley, the hotel has an interesting history. Originally built in 1902, it was once a hospital. Today the building is a historic landmark in picturesque Strasburg, and is even noted in the town's museum.

When making reservations, there was an ability to choose where in the hotel we wanted to stay. The lobby and restaurant, along with a lounge, are located on the 1st floor and the actual rooms are on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Additionally, there are a few outer buildings that have accommodations as well. We chose a room on the 3rd floor.

The entire hotel has been restored back to the Victorian Era and, from what I could tell, each room is completely unique. All the rooms are furnished with antiques (which seem to be for sale should a particular piece strike a guest's fancy). 

Hotel room at the Hotel Strasburg
A room I peeked into

Hotel room at the Hotel Strasburg
Another room I peeked into

Our room was spacious and very comfortable; the only drawback was the bed was a bit too hard for my liking, but it's probably this varies by room as much as the furniture and d├ęcor does. That being said, I still enjoyed the stay very much, it wasn't overly hard.

Hotel room at the Hotel Strasburg
3rd floor room we stayed in

Hotel room at the Hotel Strasburg
Another angle of the room we stayed in

Each room has a private bathroom, ours was spacious and had a vanity area, but a shower stall, no tub.

It's important to note there is not a visible elevator, so guests who have trouble with stairs or are carrying baby equipment may be better off staying in one of the outer buildings. 

A continental breakfast comes with the room, but a hot meal can be purchased as well. The continental includes foods such as cereals, yogurt, granola, fruits, bagels, coffee, and juice.

The dining room has a very pleasant atmosphere, and quickly filled up during the dinner hours on a Saturday night. It appeared to me the restaurant is a popular place for a night out on the weekends. Food is excellent and definitely not "chain" or quickly prepared fare; highly recommended.
Dining area at the Hotel Strasburg
Dining room at Hotel Strasburg

When considering the prices of hotel rooms in the D.C. area, the prices during this time of year were quite reasonable at the Hotel Strasburg (you can get a room for under $100 per night), which made it a good choice all around. Would definitely stay again at the Hotel Strasburg if traveling in the area.

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