Thursday, June 12, 2014

WWII living history comes to Sully Historic Site in Chantilly, Va.

Every year World War II Living History comes to Chantilly, Virginia at the Sully Historic Site in Fairfax County. At this event visitors can travel back in time and see first-hand how the war impacted life on the front lines and also on the home front.

The event takes place each July for a full weekend (usually around the second weekend of the month). Visitors can expect to see uniformed Axis and Allies troops, demonstrations, artifacts, music and memories from this notable time in 20th century history. 

While walking through Sully, you can stop at various camps and ask the living history reenactors questions and get a keen view of life during World War II. You can also expect all reenactors to remain fully in character, answering questions about jobs, experiences, food and general live during the 1940s. 
WWII Living History at Sully Historic Site
Living History reenactors 
I have attended this event a few times, the last being in 2012. During that weekend some of the things I saw included weapons and paratroopers' reenactments, a half-track demo and a cavalry demonstration. There was also a home front kitchen demo, which was interesting, as it focused on rationing and the alternate ways people learned how to cook in order to make do without the supplies they were accustomed to. The live music was fun to listen to and there was a WWII-themed craft area for the kids. I also learned what v-mail was.

WWII U.S. Army field kitchen in use - living history
WWII U.S. Army field kitchen in use

U.S. Army Paratroopers doing a reenactment of actions following their landing on D-Day
U.S. Army Paratroopers doing a reenactment of actions following their landing on D-Day

WWII living history weekend demonstration

WWII Army field camp
Field camp

Victory Garden at Sully Historic Site
Victory Gardens emerged in the 1940s to encourage people to grow and preserve their own food

Reservations are required to attend World War II Living History (it's a pretty popular event). Cost is $8 for adults, $6 for seniors and children; veterans and active duty military have free admission. A tour of the 18th century Sully house and property is included with the admission.

Throughout the year Sully Historic Site hosts several other recurring and special events including antique and classic cars, Civil War Weekend, and 1812 Weekend, to name a few. In the winter, the themed candlelight tours are always a good time.

Sully Historic Site

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