Monday, March 30, 2015

Coming soon: Festival of Spring - Holland in Haymarket

Now this is a great event, especially if you like flowers and photography. I discovered Burnside Farms tulip festival in 2013 and last year attended its Summer of Sunflowers event. This year I plan to get back to the tulip festival.

Highlights of 2015 Festival of Spring – Holland in Haymarket

Burnside Farms says its 2015 Festival of Spring – Holland in Haymarket event will feature 5 acres full of daffodils, tulips and Dutch iris. This year’s event is being advertised as being in a new location (2617 B Logmill Rd., Haymarket, Va.), and from the sounds of it, the field will be bigger than in years past. The farm says, with its new location, is one of the largest pick-your-own flower events in the world.

pick your own flowers at Burnside Farms
Photo taken in Burnside Farms' previous tulip location. I look forward to seeing the new site!

Visitors can pick their own flowers. We came home with about a dozen tulips in 2013 and some of them still had the bulbs, which we planted (last year one or two came up). So far 2 are coming up this year in my yard and I’m hoping a few others pop through too.


Entry to the Festival of Spring is $4 for a 1-day pass, or you can buy an unlimited re-entry pass for $7 (babies under 1 year are free). Daffodils are 2 for $1, tulips - $1 each, Dutch iris - .75 per stem. The farm is a bit of a ride for me, but I am thinking I might buy the pass this year and make at least 2 trips being so many more flowers are being planted this year. The views will continuously change with different varieties blooming at different times, would be really fun to photograph and see the different types of flowers.

pick your own flowers at Burnside Farms
A closer view of the tulips


As of right now, Burnside Farms does not have specific dates listed. We've had a pretty cold February and March here in Northern Virginia, but in my own yard the hyacinth, daffodils and tulips are beginning to show through, so it shouldn't be too long now. You can follow Burnside Farms on Facebook to get the latest updates on when the festival will run. I suspect they'll be posting dates in the near future.   

UPDATE APRIL 9, 2015: The fun is almost here! According to Burnside Farms,  the festival opens on Thurs., April 16. 

As I mentioned earlier in this post, if you enjoy flowers or love to take photos, this is a terrific event to do it. Great memory-making opportunities with the kids too. I can't wait! 

Two more photos from 2013. The kids (and adults) loved trying all on the wooden clogs.


  1. I Love, love, love your tulip photos. They are so colorful and just lain beautiful. I guess I should have waited to come down there.

    1. Thanks so much. This is on my "to do" list this year. Maybe stopping by on your way to other places? Not too far off the beaten path at all.