Friday, March 20, 2015

Photos on Friday: Geese flying over the Washington Monument

In January we had a wonderful 60-degree day and decided to take a ride downtown. We arrived early morning and decided before hitting the National Museum of Natural History we would see if we could get tickets to take the elevator to the top of the Washington Monument. On our way over we saw thousands of geese setting near the Washington Monument. 

We didn't realize just how many geese there were until a group of young men ran towards them, sending the geese into a frenzy and scattering in all directions. I felt bad for the geese, however, had to admit they looked beautiful gliding rapidly across the sky.  It wasn't until they passed the Washington Monument itself that you could see a fraction of just how many birds there were that morning.

You can see more groups of geese in the background

On group of geese takes off and glides past the Washington Monument

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