Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nationals Stadium: Take me out to the ball game

2014 is a great time to be a Washington Nationals fan. Currently, with the team's lead in the National League Eastern Division and a run at the pennant, it's a great time to head downtown and attend a game. These are exciting times.

June 2009 was the first time we'd been to the (then relatively new) Nationals Stadium. Although we'd only been to the old stadium once, we were much more impressed by the new one. It was easier to get to as well; only a hop, skip and a jump from the Metro's Green Line and convenient parking (if you choose to purchase a pass - you get this option when buying your game tickets). We'd driven to the old park, and that was chaos -- not to mention a lot of wrong turns until we finally got there.

The first time our seats were in the upper tiers, but we've gotten tickets in various spots over the years and pretty much everywhere is a good view. You can often get a discount (in various categories or promotions) if you want to try and get closer to the field. Of course, my favorites are on the infield (preferably in the vicinity of first base line), but it isn't often we get those seats. 

Outfielder Bryce Harper at bat
Always fun to watch Jordan Zimmerman pitch a game

After years of "quitting" baseball after the 1993 strike, this transplanted New Yorker has once again become a big baseball fan and these days I root for the Nats. Since that day in 2009, we've attended a number of games, typically trying to head downtown to two to four games each year. So far this year we've only attended two, but plan to squeeze at least one more game in before season's end and then hopefully see a nice long run in the post-season (probably on TV).

The stadium is clean, family-friendly and a great day out.  

Kids and adults alike typically await the President's race during the games

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