Friday, September 12, 2014

Photos on Friday: Taking a fall ride on Skyline Drive

This week's Photos on Friday is going to steer back to the "fall theme". While I was not in a rush to see summer fade away this year, September seems to be flying by quickly. That got me thinking that I must put aside time this year to take a trip down Skyline Drive to see this year's foliage. We did about half of it in 2012, would love to do the entire ride sometime and see all the spectacular views.

(update 10/24 - this week has some spectacular views - some of the mountains have passed peak, others on the ride are just starting to peak as of this week - some photos on a new post).

Taken at an overlook on Skyline Drive in 2012

Gazing at the beautiful Shenandoah Valley blanketed in shadows

Made many stops along the way to explore nature's beauty

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