Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Possible Beltway World Series? Nats and Os clinch Eastern Divisions!

As I was just saying earlier in the month, it's a great time to be a Nationals fan. Last night in a 3-0 win against Atlanta, the team clinched the NL Eastern Division. 

While I only sort of follow the Orioles' standings, I was excited to hear shortly after the Nats' win, they too won and took the AL Eastern Division.

Pretty exciting stuff for local baseball fans. Many of which are hoping for a Beltway World Series come season's end. I'm one of them - how exciting would that be?

I wish I had some Orioles photos to share, however, I've only had the opportunity to see them play just once and can't seem to find any pics. 

Some Nationals moments I've captured over the last few years -

Denard Span on the run (2014)

Tyler Clippard comes in to relieve. 

Jayson Werth tosses a ball to fans (2014)

Danny Espinosa scurries back to base (2012)

Ryan Zimmerman at bat (2012). He's been missed! After an injury earlier this summer, it looks like Ryan may be back soon, according to latest reports

Outfielder Bryce Harper taking a swing

Jordan Zimmermann winds up for the pitch
As manager Matt Williams, and a number of players, said last night, this is the first step, they've got more work to do. 

Let's go Nats and O's! While I want to see the O's go all the way, I've gotta back the Nationals if it comes to a final game between the two. Whatever the outcome, it's been one exciting summer for baseball in the Washington D.C. Metro area.

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