Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mount Vernon's annual Colonial Market & Fair

Every year during the third weekend in September Mount Vernon hosts its annual Colonial Market & Fair. The event is a fun visit back in time, complete with entertainment, shopping and living history. Even General Washington himself is present. 

A popular event that showcases Colonial life, the day features crafts, demonstrations, wares and entertainment. You can get a first-hand experience of Colonial life as vendors, entertainers and artisans dress up in period style and remain in character throughout the day. You can ask questions and experience first-hand Revolutionary-era living.

I wrote a detailed post last year with lots of photos if you want to see more about what it's like. The event typically takes place mid-September and is an all weekend event. The cost is the same as a regular admission, but there are extra perks and freebies to be found during this weekend. For more info, check out Mount Vernon's page for the event.

It's a great family day out. We usually try to go each year. If you're looking to pick up that special gift, it's a great place to shop for something unique. 

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