Monday, September 21, 2015

Great places to eat BBQ in Chantilly, Va.

Chantilly, Va, is an area just south of Dulles International Airport, with a hub of technology companies and other commercial retail. The town is also home to several restaurants, including BBQ. For those looking to indulge in a bit of barbecue, you can easily find a place in this town nestled just about 20 miles outside of Washington D.C.

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is a part of a chain that is housed in almost all 50 states in the U.S. and one is located right off Route 28 in Chantilly, just about 10 miles up the way from the airport and about 4 miles south of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and Sully Plantation.

The Roadhouse has been named in both Forbes and Consumer Reports as a winner. The d├ęcor and ambiance is western-style, and there is both a dining room and a bar area.

Texas Roadhouse Ribs & Chicken. Image credit: Krista on Flickr/CC by 2.0 

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and patrons can choose from a large menu featuring both BBQ style foods and general menu fare. There's an early bird dinner menu (currently $8.99) that offers limited selections as discounted prices on weekdays. If steak is what whets your appetite, you can choose your own (these are typically more expensive than the standard menu steaks). Texas Roadhouse ribs are very good and there are a variety of sides to choose from; the in-house rolls with specially flavored butter are fab.

The Chantilly Texas Roadhouse is located at 4993 Westone Plaza, Chantilly, Va. 20151

Famous Dave's

Famous Dave's is a chain which houses restaurants in numerous states, at least five of which have a home in Northern Virginia. The restaurant features a wide menu and highlights its ribs, pork, beef brisket and BBQ sides. Most of the menu is BBQ-centric, but there are some other options such as burgers, salads and soups for those looking for something along the lines of more traditional fare. The restaurant has both a dining and bar area and is a large establishment with plenty of seating.

Famouse Dave's rib platter. Image credit:  Vox Efx via Flickr, License CC by 2.0

The Chantilly-based Famous Dave's is located in a large shopping area at: 14452 Chantilly Crossing Lane, Chantilly, Va 20151

Willard's Real Pit BBQ

Residing in a small strip mall off Route 28, it's easily accessible, but not in full view to those in the area and, if you're not looking, can easily miss. Despite this, its location is convenient, as it is a hop, skip and a jump from the Dulles Expo Center and Route 50. Their menu is expansive and offers a wide variety of good eats. The dining area is small and this restaurant is more casual, but the food is tasty. You can order a la carte off the menu, which can be seen on a large blackboard when you walk in or even order a family meal. Willard's is located at 4300 Chantilly Shopping Center (Willards Road), Unit #1A, Chantilly, Va. 20151.  

Chantilly is home to a variety of restaurants, and if you're looking for something that is a bit different, you can also search out some of the local Japanese and Korean barbecue restaurants as well. Finding barbecue in the Northern Virginia area is plenty, and if you're staying in Chantilly, or heading out to points west of Washington D.C., these are some of the best bets I've found.

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