Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Want some creepy old-fashioned fun? Check out the ghost tours in Alexandria, Va.

Alexandria is a city in Virginia that has long and rich historical ties to early American history and colonialism. Through the centuries many political, social and other prominent figures have touched the past which has carved and played a role that reaches right to the current day.

The city's location is nestled along the Potomac River, and this convenient location attracted settlers to begin to set roots in the region in the mid 18th century. In colonial days Alexandria played a pivotal role in the early development of what would become the United States.

For this reason, many people have passed through this city, each with their own story. As a result, the city also has a lot of ghostly tales it holds close. From the Ramsey Center to Gadbys' Tavern and everything in between, there are many ghostly and chilling tales to be told. A few tragic tales too.

Footsteps to the Past

This company offers a good ghost tour which lasts about an hour. Visitors meet at the Ramsey House Visitor Center and then walk the blocks while led by a period dressed guide carrying a lantern to help light the way.

One of the values of this tour is that it is given by historical specialists who really know the history of Alexandria well. You'll learn about documented stories which carry tales of ghosts and paranormal activity. Especially creepy is one that tells of a building which had tragedies that spanned over many decades.

If you are interested in special events, do visit the Footsteps to the Past website as there are many special events that are periodically offered. While chances are you can get a regular ghost tour by walk-up, the special events are by appointment only and cost a bit more.

A guide from Footsteps to the Past tells a ghostly tale in front of Carlyle House

One event advertises participating in a ghost hunt with professional ghost hunters with paranormal investigative equipment, so if this kind of aspect of ghost tours sparks your interest, do check them out.

Regular ghost tours are offered from May through November, but times vary depending on the day. Check the Footsteps to the Past website for more details of what times visitors meet their guide. 

Alexandria Colonial Tours

This tour company's Ghost and Graveyard tour is led by a guide dressed in 18th-century garb who will lead you through Old Town Alexandria and relate tales of ghosts, legends and folklore. These tales include both tales of love and of anger and are bound to tantalize you if ghost tours are your thing.

You'll meet your guide at the Ramsey Visitor's Center and be prepared to be spooked. This tour is also one hour and takes you through several city blocks in Alexandria. In the end, the guide will leave you in a graveyard where you'll have to find your own way back.

Alexandria Colonial Tours also has some special events planned around the Halloween season. Please visit the Alexandria Colonial Tours website for additional information and special tours given.

Some of the stories are rooted in love despair, others are due to war or other tragedy. The history of Alexandria is an interesting one and the ghost stories are a part of this history.

If ghost tours whet your appetite, Alexandria is a terrific place to learn about the past and the ghostly stories tied to this rich history. There are a couple of good ghost tours located in Alexandria that can help enlighten fact from fiction and you can draw your own conclusions based on what you hear and see.

Northern Virginia is full of ghostly tales and these two tours are bound to be historically relevant, entertaining with lots of spookiness, of course.

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