Friday, April 10, 2015

Photos on Friday: Springtime means babies at Kidwell Farm

Every spring we love to hop in the car and take a ride over to Frying Pan Farm Park to see the babies at Kidwell Farm. Last week we visited and got our annual "baby fix" (although, in all honesty, sometimes we go back numerous times throughout the season to see the babies...). For this week's Photos on Friday, I decided to post some photos of the babies.

Without further ado, here are the ones we saw last week at Kidwell Farm.

These two lambs kept climbing and then falling off mama. Yet they didn't give up, trying over and over again.

I find cows to be such beautiful animals - here is mama and baby taking a drink on a beautiful spring day

When we arrived the goats were in a deep sleep. Here they are still looking a bit groggy just waking up.

The piglets also were not too active. sleeping most of the time during our visit. As we were leaving, some of them had woken up.


  1. Those babies are just so cute. I am no farm girl but I do love baby animals. Great pictures.

    1. They are adorable. I'm glad there is a place in the area where we can do this (and it's free to visit). Thanks for commenting