Friday, April 24, 2015

Photos on Friday: A piece of Plymouth Rock (Smithsonian)

About two weeks ago we took a trip downtown to see the cherry blossoms. While in DC we decided to pop into the National Museum of American History since we hadn't been there for about a year.

There is a lot of renovation going on at the moment, so things were set up differently. For instance, the pop culture exhibit has been undergoing extensive renovation for a while now and many of the artifacts are housed in various parts of the museum. So while on a hunt to find Oscar the Grouch, we were guided to a section dedicated to American history 17th century to 1940s.

In this exhibit was a piece of Plymouth Rock. This was one link to the past I've never seen in the museum. Oscar was not currently on display, however, this was very cool to see!! We were not disappointed.

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