Friday, March 17, 2017

Photos on Friday: Winter scenes at Ellanor C. Lawrence Park

In western Fairfax County you can find the Ellanor C. Lawrence Park. Sometimes I take a ride over just to take photos and enjoy this little beautiful area sandwiched in between the noise of civilization (traffic, Dulles Aiport, etc.).

In January I stopped to take a walk around the pond to see if I could spot any birds or other wildlife. No such luck that day, however, the winter reflections in the water were so pretty so I took a few shots. It was unusually quiet that day and a peaceful, albeit brisk, walk (it was cold!)

The park is a fab place to visit in the spring, summer and fall. We've seen frogs, birds, turtles, snakes and all sorts of critters once the weather warms up. There are some trails located behind the pond backing up to Route 28. Over at Cabell's Mill there are also some walking areas and I think behind the Visitor's Center too but I haven't explored those yet. 

Oh, so many places to go!

Additionally, the county/park offers "campfire talks" on different topics throughout the year. We like to go to the ones at Ellanor C. Lawrence Park and learn about different animals and take the short nature hikes. Always a fun and interesting time.

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