Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cherry blossoms views around the Tidal Basin (2017)

This weekend the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin reached peak despite the challenges posed by the recent deep freezes and snow. While not nearly as showy as other years, still a lot of nice color.

We headed down before sunrise on Saturday to see the blossoms at this time of day which we'd never done before. Although it was early, there were many people enjoying the views too. After the sun was up we continued to circle the basin until we reached where we'd began, snapping photos along the way. (I also jumped downtown for a couple of hours on Monday also, so the pics are from two different days)
Jefferson Memorial reflections

Washington Memorial and cherry blossoms. The annual cherry blossom festival is just beyond those trees.

Taken on Saturday (3/25) as the sun was rising
This shot was taken in the early morning hours, in the direction of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

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