Friday, November 11, 2016

Photos on Friday: Barboursville Ruins (Virginia)

As the summer came to a close we took a road trip to James Madison's Montpelier, located in Orange, Virginia. It's about a 90 minute ride from Northern Virginia. After our tour we decided to check out the local area. We had spotted a sign on the road for Barboursville Ruins and decided to follow it and we arrived after just a few minutes. It began to pour when we arrived, but I wanted to jump out to take some photos anyway. Having a fascination with historic architecture the way I do, it was worth the rain. 

The home is the ruin of James Barbour, a former U.S. Senator, Secretary of War and Virginia Governor. The property was built in 1814 and was designed by Thomas Jefferson. The home is now in ruins due to a fire that took place on Christmas day in 1884. It is located on the property of the Barboursville Vineyards. 


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