Thursday, September 1, 2016

Foamhenge moves to Cox Farms in Fairfax

Earlier this year some of my family members stumbled upon "Foamhenge". A unique attraction that is a life-size foam reproduction of Stonehenge in England, it's located a hop, skip and a jump from the Natural Bridge

I did a drive by in March, but didn't stop to go up the hill to see it, but could see distant pieces of it from the road since the trees hadn't filled in yet. In the summer months, unless you knew to look for it, you probably wouldn't even know it was there unless you were looking for it. The attraction is unmarked.
It's an intriguing attraction though, built as an April Fool's stunt in 2004 by Rockbridge County-based artist Mark Cline. A few months after my family discovered it, we heard Foamhenge was going to be dismantled due to the Natural Bridge becoming a state park. The land it currently sits on is a part of the park's land and, reportedly, the state said it didn't really "fit" with the new park.

Last week I was traveling through the area down I-81 and I asked the family if they wanted to see if Foamhenge was still there; they said "yes"! So we pulled off the road and went up the path to see Foamhenge. Since I'd never been up there, I was glad to get the chance. It was still there! A quick Google search before I walked up the hill said it was going to be removed on Sept. 5 (edit: according to photos viewed on Twitter, it appears the takedown occurred on August 30), so we were happy to get to see it during the last few days it was in its original location.

Yesterday, my family member called me said, "You'll NEVER believe where Foamhenge is going!". Not a clue, said I.
I was surprised to find out Fairfax County's Cox Farms will be the new home for Foamhenge. Reports say it won't be reassembled until after the farm's fall festival (Cox's fall festival and "Fields of Fear" is hugely popular around here). It will be ready to go on public view fall 2017. Stay tuned!


  1. What will they think of next lol I guess I will wait to see in next fall when it is closer to you.

    1. yes!
      It was a fun little (big!) attraction. I'm curious to see how the new layout will be at the farm.