Friday, September 2, 2016

Photos on Friday: Burnside Farms wrapping up 'Summer of Sunflowers'

Burnside Farms is one of my favorite spring and summer outings. In the spring is "Holland in Haymarket" with beautiful tulip and daffodil displays and in July or August (depending on previous weather conditions) is the gorgeous "Summer of Sunflowers".

Usually I make it out during peak times, but this year missed the window. I did get to go during the final week and, while I knew it would be slim pickings and didn't have high expectations, I wanted to see it anyway. While the sunflowers are not in their glory anymore, I still find it so pretty as the sunflowers go to sleep.

Here are a few shots I took on Tuesday. 

Looking up, these were reaching high in the sky.

Lots of wonderful bees and bugs were spotted

There were still a few cosmos left too. I caught this bee flower hopping

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