Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Views of the pretty Virginia Bluebells at Manassas Battlefield and Bull Run Park

This year was the first time I'd heard of the Virginia bluebells. Reaching peak approximately mid-April each year, these flowers cover the forest floors in a sea of blue, pinks and purples. 

On Saturday morning, we took a ride out to Manassas Battlefield and walked one of the loops there to see the bluebells. Afterward, we headed over to Bull Run Park, which I had heard was spectacular, and explored a good portion of the flowers on that trail too. It was a really enjoyable few hours. We saw a few pinks and purples, but at this time most of the flowers were a full blue.

I was so glad a friend of mine mentioned the Virginia bluebells. How I missed hearing about these during the decade I've been here, I'm not sure as I usually love to check out anything having to do with flowers. 

It looks like we caught the bluebells just as the peak was just about ending, but there was still plenty of color. Here are some photos from that day:

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