Monday, November 16, 2015

In photos: Things to see in Northern Virginia during Christmas

I moved into Northern Virginia about 10 years ago and it's truly been a fun ride. There is just so much to see and explore in this region. With easy access to Washington D.C. and a ton of historic sites and family-friendly activities, if you look in the right places, you can't ever really say "there is nothing to do around here". 

The winter holidays is one of my favorite times of the year here. Cold weather aside, of course! Not every year is cold though, I went my first four years living here thinking 60 degree December temps were the norm. I later found out that isn't quite true, especially that year the "warm spell" broke and we had more than 60 inches of snow. But I digress...

There are some things I see every year as part of our family traditions, but we also actively seek out new and fun things to do. Here are some of my favorite things to see in Northern Virginia during Christmas:

Visiting Mount Vernon is one tradition we do every year. The museum and other buildings are decorated so beautifully (in 18th century the Christmas decorations were sparse, usually a few greens, so the house itself reflects history accurately). We also love to visit Aladdin, the Christmas Camel who comes to visit each year.

Other fun events are the holiday themed evenings over at Sully Historic Site. And of course Old Town Alexandria is hugely festive. Then there are the parades and holiday craft shows, to name a few.

Photos from past years - 

A winter's view of the majestic Mount Vernon
Aladdin comes for his yearly visit to Mount Vernon. He is a beautiful and friendly animal.
 A Victorian Christmas at Sully Historic Site. Living history event. Photo Credit: Leigh Goessl
Santa arrives in Old Town Alexandria during the Annual Scottish Walk Weekend. Photo credit: Leigh Goessl
Holiday Christmas and Craft markets can be found throughout Northern Virginia every year.  

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