Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall family fun at Ticonderoga Farms

Amazing Farm Fun @ Ticonderoga (formerly known as "Ticonderoga Farms"), is located in the South Riding-Chantilly area and is a local farm that opens to the public year round for various activities. 

If big slides, hay rides, pumpkin picking, roasting marshmallows, playground fun, go-carts (pedals) and pillow bouncing are your thing, this farm has all that and more.

View when you enter the play area - lots more behind that hill
We've gone to a few fall festivals this season and Ticonderoga was on our list since we didn't make it last year. Since they are open a little later in the season than many of the other fall festivals, we waited until after Halloween to go. The weather was beautiful (the mid-70s with full sun) and we had a blast. It had been two years since I'd been here and I liked some of the changes that have been made since my last visit. Go-carts were new for us and many of the play areas were ramped up a bit since our last visit (see map for the full layout to see what things there are to do).

When the tractor went through this small pond during the hay ride, this was a big hit with the kids

Go-carts were also a popular play area. (Sun was a bit bright and I was standing at the wrong angle to get a good shot)
We got there at the 10 a.m. opening and stayed until 3 p.m. and it was only other commitments that held us from staying the rest of the day. On the weekdays, visitors are welcomed to bring lunch and have a picnic, which we did (weekends there is food available for purchase). There are plenty of picnic tables available both in the sun and the shade. We had a perfect outing!

While many of this year's festivals shut down last weekend, there is still one more week to go at Ticonderoga. The farm will be open daily until Nov. 8. See the farm's website for admission information, weather updates and directions. 

Walking over the "bouncy" bridge


  1. It looks like you had a perfect day out. The amazing Indian summer weather makes this a great time of year to visit.

    1. This time of the year is so iffy, but this year is amazing. We are having super warm weather this week. Thanks for commenting!