Friday, October 30, 2015

Photos on Friday: Trees at Oatlands

Last month we visited the beautiful Oatlands Plantation. We walked around the grounds and gardens for a bit before taking the house tour and noticed all of the beautiful trees located on the property. 

I already knew there were some unique and interesting trees there, but usually have gone during the spring or summer when the gardens are in full bloom which previously captured my attention. This trip we looked a lot more at the trees. 

[ Want to learn more about Oatlands Plantation? Check out my detailed post, which includes lots of photos ]

Today's Photos on Friday post highlights a few of the trees we saw:

I remember this Japanese Maple tree from previous visits, it is located behind the historic greenhouse located on the property. While the outside is very pretty, what's neat is looking underneath....

This is what visitors will find if they peek underneath the above tree

Historic tree on the property. The sign you see asks visitors not to climb on it

I found these roots intriguing

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