Friday, May 8, 2015

A visit to 'Holland in Haymarket' out on the farm

Last weekend we were thrilled to learn the tulip festival out at Burnside Farms was still ongoing and that the heavy rain we received a couple of days earlier did not have any adverse effects on the tulip.

Being the weather was gorgeous and it was publicized to be the "last good weekend" for the fields, we hopped into our car on Saturday morning, jumped on I-66 and headed out to Haymarket. This year's "Holland in Haymarket" took place about 5 miles from usual location. It appears this is going to be the new location for the flower festivals.

What a great time!

Today's photos were taken in the fields:

I just loved the pink varieties of tulips

Great day out to be tulip picking and taking photos

These purple tulips were amongst my favorites. Was sure this one made it into our choices of tulips to pick

Close up of a pretty striped tulip - looked like a candy cane!

Some of our tulips had bulbs


  1. Wonderful photos, text and post. Loved it very much!

    1. Thanks so much William. Appreciate your stopping by and your kind words!