Friday, February 6, 2015

Photos on Friday: Manassas National Battlefield Park

Today's Photos on Friday features a few photos from Manassas National Battlefield Park taken at various times over the years. Most of the photos were taken during visits, but that first one was taken from my car as I was at (the often long waiting!) stop light. 

The Stone House looked so picturesque looking down the hill of Route 234 and I couldn't help but try to capture it.

Civil War Cannon. Photo taken near the Visitor's Center at the battlefield during a 2012 visit.

I'm trying to remember where I was in Manassas National Battlefield Park when I took this one and I can't seem to recall. I think it was during a hike in the woods and this was one of the angles when we came out on the other side.
Judith Henry was the first civilian casualty of the Civil War as she was confined to bed when the battle occurred. She was hit by a bullet. Her grave rests next to the (rebuild) of her home on Henry Hill.
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