Friday, January 16, 2015

Photos on Friday: Eisenhower Executive Office Building

Today's Photos on Friday takes us back downtown to a building I would love, love to get a look at inside, but alas it is not open to the public (far as I know -any tour related information I find seems to be outdated). 

The Eisenhower Executive Office Building (formerly known as the "Old Executive Building") is French Second Empire style and was completed in 1888 after 17 years of construction. It was built to house the State, War and Navy Departments. Today it primarily houses White House staff.

I had a whole series of exterior photographs I took, but unfortunately seemed to have misplaced them. Anyway, here is a glimpse:
Eisenhower Executive Office Building

If the inside, which I have heard is stunning from someone I know who has been inside, is as beautiful as the outside, it must really be something to see.  The EEOB is located at 1650 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, D.C. 20502.

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