Friday, December 19, 2014

Photos on Friday: Holiday Festivities in Washington DC

This week's Photos on Friday takes a jump downtown to Washington D.C. The District is no New York City in terms of decorations, however, it is festive in its own more subtle way. 

I enjoy walking around the quiet streets this time of the year and looking at the pretty decorations.

I haven't been downtown for the last two months, but for today's Photos on Friday I thought I'd share some photos from earlier years.

Close up look at the Congressional tree

U.S. Treasury
One of my favorites - an ornament at the United States Botanic Garden


  1. I have never been to the Botanic Garden, another place to add to my list. Very nice post.

    1. Thank you, I do think you'd like it. Being close to the Capitol, Library of Congress and Supreme Court, makes it a nice trip to see many of these sites.