Friday, October 3, 2014

Photos on Friday: Flashback to 2013 Government Shutdown

Usually for Photos on Friday I stick to travel themes or pretty and interesting things to see in the D.C. area, however, today as I was looking through my pics to see what I was doing this time last year and realized it was October and the federal government had been shut down during most of the month. We had family visiting from out of state at the time and there was not a lot to see and do (the rainy weather didn't help!).

We did travel downtown a couple of the days they were here to see what we could. I thought I'd share some photos of that day. After all, as my and I family realized, you never know what barriers (literally!) you can come across when traveling anywhere. But you make the best of it. 

Barriers at the World War II Memorial
Demonstrators in front of the Lincoln Memorial
I came across this sign when walking up towards the Washington Monument. This trash can seemed to 'speak' volumes that day downtown


  1. That certainly was a tense time for the country. Your photos capture it well!

  2. It sure was! Thanks Judith for your kind comment and for stopping by :)