Friday, May 19, 2017

Photos on Friday: Meems Bottom Covered Bridge (Mount Jackson, Va.)

We like to take a lot of day trips from Northern Virginia and over the last couple of years we've been heading to points west and south of the District. About two years ago we'd spotted a sign on a side road off of I-81 that there was a covered bridge in the vicinity. Didn't find it on that trip but came home and turned to good friend Google to learn more about it. The bridge is called Meems Bottom Covered Bridge and is located in Mount Jackson, Virginia. The current bridge was built in the 1890s (there were predecessors) and is one of seven covered bridges left in Virginia.

Took another ride out there and, it turns out, the bridge couldn't have been easier to find! It's literally minutes off exit 269 on I-81. This one you can actually drive through. Here are some photos from my first visit (I did make a quick February stop, but don't believe I took photos on that visit).


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