Friday, October 14, 2016

Photos on Friday: Riding historic White's Ferry

Over the years I have heard of White's Ferry, but really didn't know anything about it. On Labor Day weekend we decided, on a whim, to follow the signs to the ferry to see what it was about. The line was long on the Virginia side, but we knew we'd be back up that way over the weekend to go to Harper's Ferry and thought we might take a detour to the ferry and cross the Potomac over there instead of our usual bridge. 

We did go back and the line was much shorter. Of course, this made the ride to Harper's Ferry longer, but it was a nice ride through Maryland.

It cost $5 to take the ferry one way (I believe it was $8 for both ways) and only took a few minutes to cross. Here are some photos.

We were the second car in line for the ferry. Here we go!

Cars entering the row next to us

Welcome to Maryland!

Line of cars on the Maryland side looking to ferry over to Virginia

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