Monday, January 4, 2016

Restaurant reviews: BGR The Burger Joint, Alexandria, Va.

This past December after the Scottish Christmas Walk, we stopped for a bite to eat. Our choice was to go to BGR The Burger Joint, which is located on Washington St. in Old Town Alexandria. I'd only been there once before, and we had enjoyed it on that previous visit. 

I decided to bring my family there after the parade and visiting a few historic sites. This must be a hopping spot as I've only been there twice and both times the restaurant was packed. At first I was worried we might not be able to get a table, but one opened up just as we were close to the front of the line.  

One of us grabbed the table and the other ordered the food. Being cooked to order, the food takes a few minutes, and you are buzzed (with one of those gadgets restaurants use) when it's ready.

The food is fresh and of quality. The restaurant advertises itself as using meat from grass-fed cattle, without hormones, fillers or antibiotics. We enjoyed our meal.

I ordered the burger and toppings, minus the bun, opting for the lettuce wrap instead

I didn't know this until after I came home and looked it up, BGR The Burger Joint is a franchise that seems to be primarily located in this region, but also has other locations on the East Coast and as far west as Texas. If there is one near you and you like a good burger once in a while, check them out.

Kids love the chicken fingers and fries
The Alexandria-based BGR The Burger Joint is located at 160 No. Washington St., Alexandria, Va. Here is the menu posted on the wall.

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