Friday, December 4, 2015

Photos on Friday: US Capitol interior repairs

Today's Photos on Friday takes us inside the U.S. Capitol Building. I'd only been on a tour once before, back in 2012. We went on another one in September 2015 and, while it's clear renovations were going on the outside of the Capitol's dome, I hadn't really given too much thought about the inside. 

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These are some photos I'd taken during our Sept. visit.
The inside of the dome looks different with the scaffold, but the other rooms visitors see on the tour were not under any construction during our visit.
  [To see photos without the scaffold, I have an earlier post that shows photos taken in 2012]
There are many beautiful historical paintings located in the Capitol's dome

The dome's ceiling was covered and visitors could only get a glimpse of it

This photo was taken earlier in 2015. This year a lot of unrelated construction on the National Mall was begun.

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